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Detrick Labranch, 22, of Laplace was Indicted for 2nd Degree Murder.

Corney Joseph

Corney Joseph

Charge: Child Support

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Letter to Editor of L'Observateur - September 5, 2014
Shawn Fisher
Walter White Sentenced to 15 - August 26, 2014
Walter White pled guilty to Simple Burglary and Possession of a Weapon by a Convicted Felon
Casey Spies Pled Guilty to Simple Burglary - August 18, 2014
Casey Spies receives 5 years for Simple Burglary
Troy Davis Plead Guilty to Sexual Battery - August 18, 2014
Troy Davis Pled guilty to Sexual Battery
Shangolisha Davis Pleas to 3rd Offense DWI - August 18, 2014
Shangolisha Davis sentenced to 3 years with the Department of Corrections.
Alonzo Wilkens Indicted for 2nd Degree Murder - August 18, 2014
Alonzo Wilkens Indicted for 2nd Degree Murder